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Tooth Colored Fillings

Over the course of the years, tooth colored fillings have become increasing popular due to their aesthetic appeal. Several scientific and clinical studies show that these fillings are visually superior. What’s more, composite fillings are long lasting, durable and safe.

"There are 2 main reasons why tooth fillings may be used. One for filling a cavity, and another for, restorations, which fix chipping or decay."

Tooth colored fillings and composites are resistant to fractures and are durable. They are perfect for small and mid-size fillings that need to sustain chewing pressure. Such fillings restore 85-95% of original tooth’s strength. Moreover, they can be used for both: front and back teeth. Fillings have good aesthetic parameters, so they look more natural than other kinds of restorations, like traditional alloy fillings. One of the advantages of composite fillings is that fillings can completely hardened in seconds, while other materials may need days to harden completely. In regards to tooth sensitivity, there are rarely any signs of prolonged sensitivity after composite filling restorations. The best thing about composite fillings is that they can be easily repaired if some damage happens.

Such fillings are chemically bonded to the teeth. Sometimes anesthesia is not even necessary. It is only required if the tooth decay is beneath the enamel layer. When the decay is removed, then the weak acid application on the restoration area proceeds. After that, the bonding agent is being used as it helps to attach the filling material to the tooth. Then the bonding material is cured and filling material placed. The finished restoration resembles the tooth’s anatomy. Lastly, it is cured again in order to harden the filling. After that, the bite will be checked up to make sure it fits good with other teeth. Adjustments can be made by polishing and smoothing the surface of the filling.

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